A New Era of Healthcare Communication and Collaboration

The healthcare pendulum is shifting back to primary care with a focus on the patient as a consumer. Patients – tired of the current healthcare system – are seeking alternatives, and the recent surge in the number of concierge-style and DPC physicians is rising to meet their needs.


Partnering with patients for long term health and wellness is a deeper commitment than transactionally treating a medical issue. Membership-based primary care models, like concierge and DPC, are more valuable for patients and more profitable for physicians when patients’ health improves and root cause issues are addressed. This type of proactive engagement requires better tools for interacting with the patient remotely, simplifying care tracking and documentation, sharing of clinical information, and coordination of care.


Taking a human-centered design approach, we assessed physician’s key activities in coordinating care and delivering care remotely, as well as identified patient’s key interactions with their physician, their family, and other caregivers. We have crafted a solution that we believe makes a leap forward in ease of use for both physicians and patients.

Intelligent Messaging and Telehealth

Patients want ease of access, but physicians need detailed information to decide on next steps. The ping-ponging of insecure text messages helps no one.

Engaging patients with intelligent questions driven from their messages, concerns, and conditions enables you to better triage and diagnosis from concise, discrete data. Audio and video conferencing are available along with the secure, intelligent text messaging.

One size does not fit all. Your practice is unique – as are your patients. You need tools that adapt to you, not force you to adapt to them.

Patients want your expertise, commitment, and follow-up. Our solution’s ability to adapt to your workflow, create templates, automate notifications, and triage communications allows you to focus on the practice of medicine.

Adapts to You and Your Practice
Coordination Of Care Tracking And Facilitation

Some of the biggest frustrations in medicine result from coordination of care issues and mistakes. Efficient scheduling and referrals, accurate information sharing, and timely follow-up are essential to avoiding clinical and legal issues.

Our unique system is built from the ground up to support better coordination of care and tracking of critical services. This design supports seamless transparency with the patient, caregivers, and the extended care team as a natural by-product of normal clinical documentation and tracking.

As a primary care physician, you are less interested in population health than the status of your patients’ current health and satisfaction with your service.

As a personal physician, you want healthy patients with whom you are building a lifelong customer relationship. Our focus is helping you create high value relationships with your patients when they are at your practice, at home, or traveling abroad. Our tools show you who may need clinical assistance and who needs follow-up, or just a kind word.

Insight Into Patient Satisfaction And Patient Health
unified communications and integrated with ehrs

Communications across texts, emails, patient portals, and EHRs can leave key information outside the patient record and difficult to find. Current patient portals seem to be a poor solution to patient communications and clinical transparency.

By unifying intelligent messaging, audio and video conversations, and coordination of care management in one solution designed for use on phones, tablets or desktops, we capture all these interactions and provide integration and interoperability options for your EHR and your extended care teams’ EHRs.

A new era of tools requires a new breed of physicians. Ones who are not happy with the status quo and are willing to drive change. Healthscient is looking for proactive primary care physicians that want to help us shape the tools for the future.
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