Monday, October 25, 2021
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Rethinking Your Health Insurance

Is your health insurance really helping you? Healthcare and health insurance are not the same thing. Healthcare can make and keep you well. Health insurance...

Who is in charge of your health? A real world example

In our last blog, we outlined 5 critical steps to better healthcare and better health. They are: Realize that you are in charge of...
Medical devices

5 Steps to Better Healthcare at Lower Cost (Infographic)

In our previous blog, we articulated that the best path forward for healthcare won’t come from Washington, insurance companies, employers, healthcare systems, or even...

Who is Going to Fix Healthcare?

Who is going to fix healthcare? It’s an important question because, well, it’s broken. Costs continue to spiral upward. Accessibility is a challenge....

Converging to Consumer-Centric Care

Previously in our series about the U.S. Healthcare System, the discussion has been about issues, alignment, and trends. Now, it is time to talk solutions. Healthscient...
Patient Support System

Supporting the Patient Support System

The healthcare industry is doing a less than spectacular job of engaging patients in their healthcare. The complexity and administrative burden of healthcare often...
Aligning Healthcare for Consumers

Aligning Healthcare for Consumers

Advancements in diagnostics, medicines, and clinical treatments continue to gain speed, but patient access to healthcare is more costly and frustrating than ever. Healthcare’s...

Back to the Future – Healthcare Version

As our team discusses how healthcare will look in the future, we spend a lot of time on where goals are best aligned for...