Monday, March 30, 2020

5 Steps to Better Healthcare at Lower Cost

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Healthcare Consumerism

Direct Primary Care – The Moment I Finally Made the Switch

I like my doctor. I really do. We’ve been together for over a decade now. Oh sure, I only see him once or...

How to Achieve Peace of Mind in Your Healthcare

Peace of mind... It’s what we all really want at our core. It’s what we seek. We are keenly aware – and grateful...
vegetables at grocery store

Kroger Puts ‘Food as Medicine’ to the Test

Source: Supermarket News Source URL: Go to the original article. Author: Russell Redman In a new pilot, Kroger grocery stores are testing an idea to make the...

Open Enrollment: Stay Calm, Think, and Do the Work.

The beginning of open enrollment for health insurance feels a lot like shopping on Black Friday. It tends to be frenetic, anxiety-inducing, and...
Aligning Healthcare for Consumers

Aligning Healthcare for Consumers

Advancements in diagnostics, medicines, and clinical treatments continue to gain speed, but patient access to healthcare is more costly and frustrating than ever. Healthcare’s...

Who is in charge of your health? A real world example

In our last blog, we outlined 5 critical steps to better healthcare and better health. They are: Realize that you are in charge of...

View From the Other Side of the Examination Table

At Healthscient, we wholeheartedly encourage healthcare consumers like you to consider partnering with a primary care physician who proactively aligns with your health goals...
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Try This to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

In the spirit of nothing ventured nothing gained, activate your healthcare consumer mindset and try this the next time you have a prescription filled: 1....
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Rethinking Your Health Insurance

Is your health insurance really helping you? Healthcare and health insurance are not the same thing. Healthcare can make and keep you well. Health insurance...

Back to the Future – Healthcare Version

As our team discusses how healthcare will look in the future, we spend a lot of time on where goals are best aligned for...