Series on the US Healthcare System

Future for Healthcare

Article 1: An Uncertain Future for Healthcare

Even though there are challenges with access to quality healthcare across the globe, the United States seems to be having a breakdown in confidence in what should be the best healthcare in the world. Advancements in diagnostics, medicines, and treatments continue rapidly, but the access to healthcare …read more

Article 2: Aligning Healthcare for Consumers

In this second article, the current alignment of healthcare to the patient is discussed, and an emerging alignment focused on consumers and proactive healthcare is proposed. Read more…

Patient Support System

Article 3: Supporting the Patient Support System

The third article explores the burden on the family and the need to share health information across both the authorized family members and the entire clinical team. Read more…

Low Cost Diagnostics

Article 4: Expansion of Low Cost Diagnostic Solutions

The pace of technological change in healthcare diagnostics is ushering in novel, low cost solutions that promise to change the landscape of the industry as we know it. Gone will be the days of week-long lab tests that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Replacing them are point of care and in-home tests that provide results in minutes and cost less than a hundred bucks. Read more…

Article 5: Wearables as Clinical Devices

…wearable devices, wearables, have progressed from tracking steps to tracking location, heart rate, and even sleep patterns as people have become more interested in personal fitness, diet, and wellness programs. This increase in technological capability has led to a surge in the popularity of wearables. The wearable technology market is …read more

Article 6: Embracing Real World Evidence

Advancements in smartphones, wearable devices, and in home biometric devices are expanding our understanding of our health, illnesses, and treatments. This impact from digital health technologies on evidence based medicine, health outcomes, and real world evidence is explored. Read more…

Article 7: Insight, Not Data

…The hype regarding using advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence to improve healthcare is exceeding the reality. Why hasn’t healthcare embraced all the data that is available and made it valuable and actionable? Don’t you wonder when IBM’s Watson will actually help with your diagnosis? Read more…

Article 8: Converging to Consumer-Centric Care

In this final article in this series, the convergence of expanding healthcare consumerism, advancements in proactive and preventive medicine, and improvements in healthcare technologies will be analyzed. The impact of these trends portend dramatic improvements in both health and healthcare. Read more…

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