Wednesday, August 21, 2019

5 Steps to Better Healthcare at Lower Cost

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Eating Dark Chocolate may Reduce Depression Risk

Source: Healio: Medical News, Journals, and Free CME Source URL: Go to the original article. Research: Link here. Short and sweet, this article from Healio shares new research linking dark chocolate consumption to a...
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Lumbar/Core Strength and Stability Exercises

Source: Princeton University Health Services Source URL: Go to the original article. Author: Princeton University Experiencing lower back pain? Want to improve your core strength? This resource from Princeton University Health Services is a...
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How to Age Well

Source: The New York Times Source URL: Go to the original article. Author: Tara Parker-Pope Tara Parker-Pope deserves a big shout out for sharing nearly 20 unique recommendations for aging well in this NYT...

Future of Healthcare

Emerging trends, technologies, and discoveries in healthcare

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A Real-World Example of Low Cost, Early Detection Diagnostics

As a way to drive toward better healthcare at lower cost, we urge savvy consumers to more fully understand their bodies and their biology, and to commit to making improvements. ...

Converging to Consumer-Centric Care

Previously in our series about the U.S. Healthcare System, the discussion has been about issues, alignment, and trends. Now, it is time to talk solutions. Healthscient believes healthcare must become consumer-centric…not insurance, health...
Real World Evidence

Embracing Real World Evidence

On TV dramas, the heroes are always looking for evidence to solve the murder, stop the crime, or lead the police to the bad guys. With medicine and healthcare, this search...

Healthcare Consumerism

Following the movement towards consumer-centric healthcare

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4 Ways Employers Are Fixing Healthcare

Source: PR Newswire Source URL: Go to the original article. Author: Donovan Pyle Looking to reduce your healthcare expenditures AND improve healthcare benefits? In this PR Newswire article, Donovan Pyle - CEO of Health...

Why QuikTrip Employees Never See a Hospital Bill

Source: D CEO Healthcare Source URL: Go to original article. Author: Will Maddox Why It's Important: QuikTrip has ditched the traditional employer insurance model and is employing multiple innovative solutions to successfully reduce its healthcare...
The White House

Executive Order on Improving Price and Quality Transparency in American Healthcare to Put Patients...

Source: Source URL: Go to the original article. POTUS signed a new executive order on June 24th, 2019 titled the "Executive Order on Improving Price and Quality Transparency in American Healthcare to...