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Unbundle: A Key to Healthcare Decision Making


A Perspective on Short-Term Health Insurance


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Trends in Healthcare

Advancements, Improvements, and Transformation in the Delivery of Healthcare

No More Lip Service; It’s Time We Fixed Primary Care (Part One)

12/28/18 - Medical students are avoiding primary care for myriad reasons. Fortunately, DPC is a viable solution. [Health Affairs]

Google’s Healthcare Workshop Proves Tech’s Medical Disruption Is Serious Business

12/10/18 - Early diagnosis and initial prevention are key healthcare processes tech companies (like Google) are focusing on improving. [Toolbox]

Top 8 Healthcare Predictions for 2019

12/3/18 - We couldn't agree more that digital health will “empower individuals to manage their own #health" in 2019. It’s something we’ve been articulating all year. [Forbes]

4 Glimpses into the Future of Healthcare

11/19/18 - A great (and quick) read on 4 factors impacting the future of healthcare. [Healthcare Analytics News]

Brent Batten: Health care's Alphabet soup Includes Two New Options for Lower Costs

11/9/18 - DPC (Direct Primary Care) is becoming an increasingly viable healthcare option for families, with an average cost of $77/month per individuals. [Naples Daily News]

Healthcare Consumerism

Making Healthcare More Consumer Focused and Accessible for Patients

Considering Cash—& Consumerism—In Service Line Planning

12/7/18 - Healthcare providers who ignore the serious trend of healthcare consumerism will not be around in the future. [Open Minds]

Price Shopping is Influencing Healthcare Choices

11/27/18 - Healthcare consumers are continuing to become more savvy about the healthcare options. Remember, you are in control of your healthcare. [Health Leaders]

DIRECT PRIMARY CARE: The ‘Freedom-Based Solution’ for America’s Healthcare Crisis

11/12/18 - The shortcomings of Obamacare have undoubtedly helped fuel the rise of Direct Primary Care. [Fox News]

Survey: Consumers Consider Reducing Healthcare Costs Their Top Priority

10/29/18 - The rising cost of healthcare is a major problem for all, and has fueled the rise and success of Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine. [MedCity News]

Healthcare Spending in the U.S. Sends Damaging Ripple Effect Across Other Major Sectors, Households, Moody's Report Says

10/15/18 - The rising cost of healthcare in the U.S. is absurd and dangerous, and is a huge reason why we are so passionate about Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine. [Healthcare Finance]

Digital Health

Progress of Technology Leveraged to Assist Patients and Physicians

Five Unique Ways AI is Being Used to Promote Health

12/15/18 - Wondering how AI is really improving healthcare? Here’s how. [MobiHealthNews]

Portable Telemedicine Tech Keeps Kids in School, and Quadruples Locations

12/5/18 - Telehealth is powerful, and is now helping schools reduce student absences and provide better healthcare for students. [Healthcare IT News]

Podcast: Wearables Are Saving Human Lives. Can They Save Hospitals Too?

11/29/18 - Healthcare providers who don’t adopt and incorporate wearable tech into their business and healthcare practices won’t be around in the future. [Healthcare Analytics News]

Why We Need More Physician Entrepreneurs

11/16/18 - Direct Primary Care physicians are true healthcare entrepreneurs, and this DPC doc believes we need more of them. We couldn’t agree more. [AAFP]

Wearables Pioneer Jawbone is Back With a New Mission: Warning You About Health Problems You Didn’t Know You Had

10/31/18 - Tech company Jawbone Health is offering a device and tools that empower people to detect diseases they didn’t know they had. [Recode]